AirBNB Negotiations Course


Save up to 67% off any Airbnb stay by learning how to negotiate with the Host.

Are you still paying full price for AirBNBs? You can save tons of cash by getting Special Offers from Airbnb Hosts but you can't just say "Hey, gimme your AirBNB for twenty bucks".

That will never work.

But what will? Why would an AirBNB host even want to negotiate with you? What's the first thing you should say? How much of a discount should you ask for? How do you even start the process?

I can help with all of that.

My name is Ian Robert Anderson and (during a global pandemic!) I rented out my house in Florida so my wife and I can travel around the world. We are staying at AirBNBs in all the countries we visit and like most people, I'm always looking for a way to save some money... so after numerous countries and dozens of negotiations I've perfected the art of getting a great deal on an AirBNB.

Watch this 1-minute video to see what's going on with this course:

>> That's right... in just four months, I negotiated over $50,000 in AirBNB savings <<

I knew what I was doing could help other people, so while I was in Croatia I grabbed a camera and walked around an ancient palace while I described exactly what I do. 

I put together an entire course on negotiating AirBNBs and even included the actual messages that I used to negotiates thousands of dollars in savings so you don't have to come up with the words yourself. I even tell you WHEN to send it. I'll also give you the confidence to start negotiating in the first place (this is key).

NOT negotiating your AirBNB is a very expensive decision

Most people are afraid of negotiating anything (they let fear stop them) and those people pay a lot more for AirBNBs than they have to. Don't be one of those people. But it's easy to negotiate once you know how. I can show you.

Have more $$$ to spend on your nomadic travels

Would you rather give your money to an AirBNB host OR spend it on doing fun things and exploring a new city? You pick. Here's a graphic to help illustrate this point:

The "You Win Either Way" Guarantee

I want you to feel confident in your purchase so this course also comes with a crazy guarantee from me... if you negotiate a (minimum) 7 day stay at an AirBNB and you can't save at least what you paid for this course, I'll refund your entire course purchase price. Either you save a ton of money on your AirBNB stay OR you get this course for free. See, you can't lose.

To prove to you that I'm serious, you can download a signed statement from me to keep on file on your computer as proof of this guarantee... so I can never go back on my word. If I don't give you your money back you can post this on Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest and tag me in it and shame me on social media. Download the image below (right-click and select "Save Image as")

The "Dirty Little Secret" Bonus

While this course covers the entire AirBNB negotiating process (and gives you copy and paste scripts to use) there will be some negotiations where you just don't know what to say. That's okay... I'm here to help you with that too! If you get stuck during a negotiation and need some help from me all you need to do is email me (with your order number) explain what's going on (you can copy and paste your AirBNB chat screen) and I'll help guide you through it. You are not alone.

Everybody Loves FREE Bonus Videos

This course comes with SIX BONUS VIDEOS (filmed in two new countries) to help you in your travels:

  • Find the exact location of any Airbnb using this image triangulation technique
  • Learn useful tips about Guests and how to research the Airbnb more
  • Take the conversation with the Host outside of Airbnb to avoid their annoying filter
  • Avoid being filmed from spy cameras 
  • Learn a simple method to not get scammed on Airbnb
  • I answer readers top 10 most asked questions in a fun way

Additional Resources

This course comes with resources to help you with the course material:

  • Course Handbook PDF
  • MP3 Version of all videos
  • Tracking Spreadsheet

Probably-Will-Be Asked Questions

Will this course get me a deal on ANY AirBNB I want?
I cannot guarantee that EVERY AirBNB host will want to negotiate with you. But I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps you are a lot more likely to get a great deal than if you just pay the retail price.

I'm shy and I've never negotiated anything in my life, can I really do this?

Yes. All you need to do is watch a few videos and copy and paste words that I give you (at the right time!). If you get stuck or scared I'm here to help.

Will the AirBNB host get mad at me for negotiating?

No. You have money and they need money to pay their mortgage so they (the AirBNB host) is going to appreciate any attempt to get some of your money. You are doing them a favor by talking to them... most people just pass on the AirBNB but at least you are talking to them and offering them some money. They have a mortgage to pay so remember that "some money" is better "no money".

Can I see a preview of the course?

Sure! I put together a one-minute preview clip to show you what's it's like:

I'm still not convinced

Okay, I get it. Here's another quick video:

I want to sell this course and earn a commission

Great! We have an affiliate program where you can generate your unique affiliate link, then you can post that on your blog / facebook / instagram and then you'll be paid about one week after the sale. You can learn more about the Gumroad affiliate program HERE and when you are ready to get started just fill out the form HERE.

My question is not answered here

Fill out the support form HERE and I'll help you out.

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This course includes nine course videos PLUS 6 bonus videos, four prewritten messages and all resources including the Course Handbook PDF, MP3 version, Tracking Spreadsheet, the "Dirty Little Secret" Bonus AND an amazing money-back guarantee!

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AirBNB Negotiations Course